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iPad app for Multiple Intelligence testing?

Caroline Ashwood Pre-professional educator

I am presenting Multiple Intelligence to about 150 high school students at the Florida Future Educators Association conference FAU in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I will have enough iPads for each student, but will not have any Internet connectivity (I know, crazy right?). In any case, I would like to use one of the cool websites that calculate in seconds a MI test, but with no connectivity, that is impossible.

Have any of you seen an iPad app that does similar? I can get such an app loaded onto all the iPads prior to the conference, but so far, my Google-foo is failing me. I don't have time to learn how to write an app and get it written by Friday ;p I thought I had Internet access, but just found out we wont.

Looking forward to the discussions here on edutopia, which I just stumbled across today.


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