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Help! Parent Complaint about Technology Use

Rebecca Buzzell

Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with difficult parents who disagree with the use of technology in instruction? I have been dealing with a parent who calls my administrators and complains about everything from "movies" (actually a power point about identifying and correcting sentence fragments) to "social media" (my science blog with relevant videos and news articles) to their latest attack - damning the use of the online version of a textbook. I was instructed to apologize and assure them that their child would never get an assignment from me again that would involve the internet / online content.
The parent views technology as "rubbish" and a distraction that keeps kids from learning anything. They don't want to know what it is or how I'm using it - just an apology and a promise to not assign anything vaguely technology oriented. Pencil and paper... How I am supposed to teach about bias and selecting appropriate websites to research from? What about all the technology components in the new Common Core State Standards? Am I wrong in wanting to convince my administration to support my instructional practices? Is anyone else having this issue? If you have any suggestions, please share!

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