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Schools can win £10,000 cash prize by participating in the digital English spelling competition game commencing in October 2012.

Richard Wood

Mencap’s Spellathon competition will help pupils meet new demanding National Curriculum standards

Spellathon offers 10,000 words in-line with the National Curriculum

Schools get 25% of sponsorship back and can win £10,000 cash prize

Mencap’s online spelling competition, Spellathon, will support teachers to improve their pupils’ spelling ahead of the impending changes to the National Curriculum, which will see a new compulsory list of words introduced for all children to be able to spell by the end of primary school, from September 2014 .

The Department for Education’s new National Curriculum is designed to drastically improve national standards of reading, grammar and spelling. This comes at a time when around 100,000 pupils in England are failing to reach expected standards in English and one in ten boys at the age of 11 can read no better than a

Taking this into account, Mencap’s Spellathon competition now offers over 10,000 words in-line with the current National Curriculum to help school children improve their spelling through a range of fun, interactive and engaging games. The games feature animated bees which are voiced by Stephen Fry and actress Jodie Whittaker.

Spellathon is a free, online spelling competition, run by the UK’s leading learning disability charity, Mencap in partnership with Digital Giving Ltd. Every school that signs up gives their pupils the chance to improve their spelling, access fun and interactive online games, win prizes, and raise sponsorship money to support people with a learning disability.

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