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Social Media for School Districts

Social Media for School Districts

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Herb Wansitler's picture

I am currently looking at publishing Facebook and Twitter accounts for a school district. The chief purpose of using these tools will be to push information out in a format that numerous people are using. Any suggestions? Any concerns? Any information?

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi Herb,
Very important question. We've recently started setting up our own Twitter, Google + and Facebook pages for our school. It's been an interesting experience but a positive one, on the whole. The two recommendations that I would make are:
1) Keep it locked down - at least at the start. The less people you have who can post to the page, the better - that will ensure that your message remains uncluttered.
2) Expect to lose control of it - we found that as soon as parents could access our pages, they started accessing them very regularly - and asking lots and lots of questions, making lots of posts and all kinds of things.

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