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What are your favorite iOS apps for learning?

Jo-Ann Fox

Are you using iPods or iPads in your classroom? Please share your favorite apps that promote collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

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phD Candidate in University of Ioannina

Aesop's famous fable on iPad

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I stumbled upon an amazing IOS application named "The Hare And The Tortoise" based on the fable of the ancient Greek writer Aesop.Amazing illustration, karaoke option with text below the videos that last more than 4' and many puzzles with 6,12 or 20 pieces.Even though this amazing application is available for iPhone too,it is the ipad version that helps the parent and the kid to truly enjoy its services.
You can download it straight from the Appstore
The Hare And Tortoise

Actually, I am not a student

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Actually, I am not a student so, it's not possible to use I Pad in classroom but I am using it in my office. My most Favourite applications are iQue and Skype. Here, IQue includes great creativity with various ideas and also includes many other applications While Skype is best communication application which has effective features to talk with any other person and also make video chat.

Second grade teacher from Nett Lake.

looking for some great

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looking for some great learning apps to put on my iPad for second graders.

High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Wow, have i got a list for

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Wow, have i got a list for you:
1. Explain everything - let's you mark up and record your voice - great for marking.
2. Evernote - keep notes and sync with a desktop.
3. Celtx - script writing and storyboarding
4. SimpleMind - mindmapping
5. All the apple ones - iMovie, Keynote, Pages etc
6. GarageBand!
7. Voicereader - reads pdfs to you!

I've got lots more. Let me know if you'd like to know them.

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