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Richard Wood

The Spellathon championship will take place on 21—27 May 2012, which still gives your students (all age groups) time to register, practice and raise money for their school, college or university and increase their chances to win a prize.

For information the free interactive whiteboard version of Spellathon is available from Promethean Planet and Smart Exchange (Smart Technologies) and last December Spellathon launched as a free iPhone and iPad app. In fact Spellathon was the no 1 free educational app over Christmas 2011.

Registration is open for all Schools, Colleges and Universities from around the world, to receive a personal invitation from Stephen Fry , the voice of The Professor in Spellathon, and a Free Digital Schools Pack that contains the interactive whiteboard game, assembly video, pre-populated digital marketing materials and everything else they need to take part.

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