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ipads or laptops

Renee Scott Fifth grade teacher, Tennessee

Which is the better choice for the classroom ipads or laptops? Our school is looking into stepping up the technology; up until this year it was ipads are the hot topic.
Any opinions out there?

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Parent 4th grade in Palo Alto, CA

We have both. A laptop cart

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We have both. A laptop cart that the kids put the laptops back into works great. They charge in the cart and don't live in the classrooms. The cart is assigned by schedule to the classrooms. Also, we have pod areas that the kids go to for computer time outside of the classroom. Google docs is used and is just great. Raz-Kids is an excellent web based leveled reading program for kids from K/1 up to at least 5th grade. The i-pads are fun for the kids as well so the answer is both.

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