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Ideas for Engaging Reluctant Readers with Technology

Ideas for Engaging Reluctant Readers with Technology

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Any ideas for motivating and engaging reluctant readers in upper elementary level...specifically boys? I think getting to know them and learning their interests is the first step. Then it's important to get them to read more than just paper books to branch out to websites, online magazines, and even introducing them to ebooks or having them write their own ebooks to share with others about what they are interested in (after doing a little research. Maybe even having them help out in the media center/ library would allow them to feel a sense of ownership and maybe gain a love of books and other reading material. I know this is just a start, sooooo.... Anyone have any other ideas?

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Greg Powell's picture
Greg Powell
Lecturer Post Graduate and Undergraduate Studies Faculty of Education

Get your students to join http://storybird.com/ and they can create their own story books using beautiful illustrations from famous artists. I use it at University for education students. Its FREE !! You can upload them for others to read also.


Greg Powell

Hubert V. Yee's picture
Hubert V. Yee
social media and marketing manager of startup

One of the best ways to increase readership among students is not just to have them read but to develop the materials so that other students may enjoy each other's work. They can create their own library books and sections in the library. They can evaluate types of media and have them develop ebooks, or print work, and podcasts that have captions. It's a very project-based approach. What you think?

James Wright's picture
James Wright
Business Development - Quipper Ltd

With Quipper (www.quipper.com), you can create your own educational apps for free. Have a go with our app creation platform. We think this could be a great way to reach young learners.

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