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ipads in the classroom

Flo Anthony 4th grade teacher

The 4th grade at my school will be piloting ipads in the classroom this fall. Each student will receive an ipad for use in regular and enrichment classes. Please share apps you have used and ideas for ipad technology in the classroom. We have been doing a great deal of research on this topic, but it would be great to hear from other teachers who use technology in the classroom. I plan to share throughout the pilot.

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High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi everybody, This group is

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Hi everybody,
This group is really taking off! I just wanted to pass along this site because I think it has really useful resources for teachers: There are lots of great links and ideas for apps on the site. In the interest of full disclosure, this site was put together by Alline Sada (an ADE from Mexico) and I had a very small role in it.

Instructor of Professional Development and tutor at a voc ed school

Is no one considering the

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Is no one considering the effect/impact of the electro pollution if you're using wireless? Why is that factor left out?

Eighth Grade Special Education Teacher from Boise, Idaho

I have found many links

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I have found many links through google on great iPad apps so I would start their.

This is my first year teaching and I would love to integrate an iPad into my Resource Room classroom, I really feel that the hands on aspect would help my junior high special needs students. If you have any advice on how to get one funded, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I have taken the time to create a project at and would love it if you guys could promote my project or if you would like to donate to my project, I would be so grateful!

Thanks and hope your piloting of the iPads works out great for you!

Here is the link to my project, check it out!

Research & Development for Thumbprint Educational Software

Its great to see discussions

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Its great to see discussions like this and the progress being made in the education world.

I teach Kindergarten, some of

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I teach Kindergarten, some of the apps I used all the time were Letter School, Alien Buddies and Bugs and Buttons. My Kindergaten students loved them and they were great practice for letters and numbers.

First Grade Teacher from U.A.E.

Hi, Apps for multiple

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Apps for multiple intelligences is creative and really meets the different needs of different intelligences in professional way!

Honestly find content

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Honestly find content creation difficult . Writing and revising are slow compared with a mouse . I see them as useful accessories but not replacements of laptops and workstations.

I train educators to use a coaching approach in their teaching practice

Great classroom apps There

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Great classroom apps

There are plenty of suggestions for apps to use on ipads etc, but what I would like to hear is how to prepare the TEACHERS to use apps and ipads.

What guidance would you recommend for teachers who are less comfortable with ipads than their students? How can they get up to speed? Do they have to get up to speed?

K-5 Instructional Technology Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

Hi Martin, No, teachers do

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Hi Martin,
No, teachers do not need to be the experts in every single thing that ever happens in their classrooms. If the kids know more about the tool, what a great opportunity for everybody in the room to learn from each other!

I've actually found the best thing I can do is to do a quick 5 minute del of the important features on the iPad, load up some good apps, and then send the iPad home with the teacher letting them know I'll be in contact to see if they have any ideas or questions. They always come back with ideas.

Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Hi Martin! I agree with Dan/

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Hi Martin!

I agree with Dan/ The ipad is fairly intuitive, and has the bonus that they rarely crash or give you the "blue screen of death" so there's very little for even the least techy folks to be afraid of; best thing in to give them time to play and explore.

Looking at a few apps like prezi or the ones that allow you to build comic books, etc. easily, and soon, you'll find ideas flowing, but its a question of having time to relax and approach it with a sense of adventure, not trepidation. Even my 70 yr old mother loves her ipad and uses it more than any other computer- it acts as her portable laptop for most things, so age and comfort shouldnt be an issue- I typed fortran cards for her graduate thesis when I was in high school, so Mom was definitely used to unfriendly computers- but she took to this like a duck to water.

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