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ipads in the classroom

ipads in the classroom

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The 4th grade at my school will be piloting ipads in the classroom this fall. Each student will receive an ipad for use in regular and enrichment classes. Please share apps you have used and ideas for ipad technology in the classroom. We have been doing a great deal of research on this topic, but it would be great to hear from other teachers who use technology in the classroom. I plan to share throughout the pilot.

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Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

When multiple students are using the same iPad, make sure they save their files and work to the cloud- either by using dropbox or something else, otherwise you'll go crazy trying to make sure every kid has the same iPad the next day

Flo Anthony's picture
Flo Anthony
4th grade teacher

Wow! I haven't checked back because the faculty members involved in the pilot just recently received the ipads and macbooks. Tomorrow we should get our codes to use when purchasing apps. I will be teaching reading workshop to 3 4th grade classes. I plan to use apps for note taking, mind/story mapping, fluency practice, vocabulary etc. I am about to start reading your idea filled comments!

Helen's picture

I am new to this particular blog and thank you for allowing me to participate. Our school has just received a grant and we will be piloting iPADs and laptops where we will be integrating technology into our curriculum. I want to begin our integrations in small increments. Any suggestions? We will be receiving training on these devices sometime in the fall.

Flo Anthony's picture
Flo Anthony
4th grade teacher

I agree with beginning in small increments. Our students will use The iPads in all subjects including art, music, and Spanish. I teach reading workshop and will begin with note taking and mind mapping apps. The students will also get grammar, spelling, and math practice apps to use in those classes. The teachers participating in the pilot received their iPads this summer, so I have been testing apps. Many are free, but I have purchased a couple. I will use the app confer when conferencing with students in reading class. It is a must to be comfortable with the apps. Although most kids are familiar with iPods, itouch, iPhones etc, some of the apps do have some confusing quirks.
They will not take the devices home initially. Our instructional technology specialist will be discussing safety with parents and students as the iPads will not have the web filters for safety that our school PCs have. We have had one introductory session with an Apple rep. It was really for us to decide if we wanted to participate in the pilot. We have another scheduled at the end of the month. We do have a great many ideas for integrating this technology into the classroom. For example creating comic strips and student authored ebooks. Do check back often because I will be posting, and the others posting are providing a wealth of ideas!!

Rick Linet's picture
Rick Linet
7th Grade Math Teacher Framingham, MA

Which grants did people get? Any thoughts on which ones to pursue? Thanks.

Melinda's picture
Teaching and learning from fourth grade students in Western New York

I was lucky enough to have 20 iPads in my classroom last year. (My district worked with two others to earn a grant geared toward spec. Ed and ESL students.). My kids consistently used Math Bingo to practice math facts. We also published writing using Storykit. Doodle buddy and Comic touch give kids a fun way to represent their learning. There are unlimited web resources that can help you integrate the iPads, but I really enjoy Tony Vincents work at http://learninginhand.com/blog/. Good luck and have fun!

Jen Petras's picture
Jen Petras
NBCT, Technology teacher in a K-8 school.

This year, we will have a cart with 30 iPads. I found a fantastic resource for iPads and lots of other websites for tech use.
LiveBinders! What a great site! I have created a few public binders myself...but here is one created just for iPads in the Classroom:

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