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ipads in the classroom

ipads in the classroom

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The 4th grade at my school will be piloting ipads in the classroom this fall. Each student will receive an ipad for use in regular and enrichment classes. Please share apps you have used and ideas for ipad technology in the classroom. We have been doing a great deal of research on this topic, but it would be great to hear from other teachers who use technology in the classroom. I plan to share throughout the pilot.

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Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi Joe,
I've got a quick question for you - what are the advantages that ActivelyLearn has over teacher created iBooks? You mention things like questions, comments, multimedia links and so on - as far as I know, iBooks Author does all of these things already, as well as offering a bit more functionality regarding widgets. Why is ActivelyLearn different?

Lauralyn's picture
Technology Curriculum Coordinator

I would really like to hear how your implementation of ipads assisted your students in the classroom. Were you able to find apps that worked with your standards and curriculum? How do you use the ipad in your class? All subjects, hit and miss? After a year what do you feel are the outcomes?

We would like to implement a program, but I want to make sure we have done all of our reseasrch and have given our teacher training and support. I would love any opinions and suggestions.

DreemDigital's picture

How exciting! Only one short year later and already tablets have been integrated into thousands of classoooms worldwide.

Luisa Reis's picture
Luisa Reis
Kindergarten teacher and technology enthusiast

We are beginning our pilot of iPads in the classroom this year. Would you be able to share that doc you made for your teachers??

Luisa Reis's picture
Luisa Reis
Kindergarten teacher and technology enthusiast

Would you be able to email me that doc? We are working on a similar project to introduce to our teacher's in January. I would be greatly appreciative.

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi everybody,
This group is really taking off! I just wanted to pass along this site because I think it has really useful resources for teachers: http://appitic.com. There are lots of great links and ideas for apps on the site. In the interest of full disclosure, this site was put together by Alline Sada (an ADE from Mexico) and I had a very small role in it.

Patricia Bryte's picture
Patricia Bryte
Instructor of Professional Development and tutor at a voc ed school

Is no one considering the effect/impact of the electro pollution if you're using wireless? Why is that factor left out?

tyler.oram's picture
Eighth Grade Special Education Teacher from Boise, Idaho

I have found many links through google on great iPad apps so I would start their.

This is my first year teaching and I would love to integrate an iPad into my Resource Room classroom, I really feel that the hands on aspect would help my junior high special needs students. If you have any advice on how to get one funded, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I have taken the time to create a project at donorschoose.org and would love it if you guys could promote my project or if you would like to donate to my project, I would be so grateful!

Thanks and hope your piloting of the iPads works out great for you!

Here is the link to my project, check it out!

burtawicz's picture
Research & Development for Thumbprint Educational Software

Its great to see discussions like this and the progress being made in the education world.

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