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Technology in Kindergarten

Maria K Brown Pediatrician, mother of kindergarten student

I am a pediatrician very interested in understanding the benefits of introducing technology courses to students at the kindergarten level rather than Grades 1-3. While I appreciate the need to have technology courses for older students, I am most concerned that we are eliminating from curricula play based learning, recess time, and physical education time, all of which have been shown to have cognitive, social, emotional and physical benefits for children. Can anyone point me to data in the education literature which shows clear benefits to introducing technology in kindergarten? In particular is there evidence to support that recess time be largely reduced in order to incorporate 50minutes/week of technology? Given that 30% of my patients are overweight, I am very concerned that their active time in school is being replaced by sedentary time. I see far more children struggling with running around the block but not with adeptly operating their parents' mobile internet/phone devices.
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