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FlipCams in the Classroom

Jaime Oakley

Anybody using FlipCams in the classroom? If so, what are some activities you do with them?

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4th grade STEM teacher from Richfield, Minnesota


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I have also had the kids in small groups to film idioms. They choose an idiom and find out what it really means. Then they gather simple props to use in their movie. They read their idiom while they film the literal meaning of the idiom (i.e.-don't put all your eggs in one basket), and then tell what the idiom really means. I link the videos together for a class video on idioms.

Third Grade Teacher

Recording Projects

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I love all the ideas!
I do a simple machines unit after Christmas break concluding with students creating leprechaun traps using at least 3 different simple machines. Next year I am hoping to have students video how the machines work using a flip cam and then posting the videos to a classroom blog or wiki.

Elementary Special Education Resource Teacher - Chicago's Western Suburbs

Transition Videos

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I find flip cams really easy to use. I am a special education teacher and need to help provide for my students transition from grade to grade and school to school. I have found the flip cam to be a wonderful tool! With the younger kids...I do the filming and include the students in some of the footage. With some of my upper elementary students...they do their own filming. It is awesome!

High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

I'm impressed. I'd never

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I'm impressed. I'd never thought of using flip cams - my idea had always been, if you're going to use the cameras, why not use a real video camera? To be honest, they didn't seem worth the trouble, and the savings didn't seem to be great, either.

I might have to change my mind - there are some great suggestions here. I particularly liked the idea of recording a message for parents at parent teacher night.

I use flip cameras in my

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I use flip cameras in my social studies and Language Arts classes- Kids research a topic or consider a cerain aspect of a reading, then design a presentation and film it. Before this, they spend time considering and applying the Listening and Speaking, Comon Core Standards- students must consider what videotographers do to help an audience construct meaning before applying that to their own work.
Having the presentations on film also allows students to preview their work with the audience in mind and then edit it or reshoot it as needed. Finally, video allows for flexibitly in viewing(absent students, wasted time assembling props...).

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