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FlipCams in the Classroom

FlipCams in the Classroom

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Anybody using FlipCams in the classroom? If so, what are some activities you do with them?

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Chris's picture
Elementary Teacher from Milwaukee, WI

I used these last year in my 8th grade classroom. Mostly, the kids designed plays or other performances to show what they had learned. They love it and by the end of the year most knew more about Windows Movie Maker than I do. Its the obvious usage but it was still a great way to integrate tech and engage them.

Ksword's picture

During cooperative learning groups, one person can be assigned the videographer, recording the project at hand, then sharing it with other groups or students that are absent on the day of that particular activity.

Gail Tanner's picture

I just got one two weeks ago! Right now, I'm using it to record student projects for our weather unit. They're creating news reports, rap songs, poems, and skits. They absolutely LOVE the camera and, since they really want to create a good presentation, are giving me their best work. I haven't used any video editing yet, but that's next on the agenda.

Catrin Barber's picture

I use it to have the kids record book reviews and we post them on their literature circle blogs. They LOVE filming them and are super serious which makes them all the better!

Frank Noschese's picture

I'm a high school physics teacher. I've used Flips to have kids record their physics labs, record problem solving, and record demos. By videoing the labs and problems, students have to explain all their steps (which they might not do on paper). We record demos that might happen too fast to see, or that might not be repeatable. We can the watch the demo over and over, frame-by-frame, and discuss the salient points. I'm sure many of these ideas are applicable to all grade levels!

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