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Connecting Students with Experts in their Fields

Connecting Students with Experts in their Fields

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Does anyone have good tips for how to use technology to help students connect with experts in their academic fields (in this case, literature). Thanks in advance. Matt

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Rebecca Alber's picture
Rebecca Alber
Edutopia Consulting Online Editor
Blogger 2014

Hi Matt,

Great question. I would suggest that if you have an author you are reading as a class, or one many of your students enjoy reading, send a request to Skype with that artist or perhaps create a live chat where you can ask a question and the author can respond in writing. I've seen this done a few times and it gets extra excited about reading.

It's worth a shot. Good luck and keep us posted!

Rebecca Alber

Mataimaki Tom MAIYASHI's picture

Technology integration to support teaching & learning is great. But it should be done with utmost caution. If not well planned it could lead to laziness particularly the learners.The volatility of survival in the 21st century would certainly require leaders who are highly analytical to cope with the challenges of survival. Looking at the scope of the crisis the world is facing today we can only hope that ' those who should lead the way should have sight to read the stars'

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