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Data Collection on the impact of iPads in academics

Susan M 7th Grade Science - Mount Vernon, Iowa

My school has recently purchased a class set of iPads for use as curriculum materials. I have been asked to gather and collect data on the impact the iPads have on student engagement and academic success. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with gathering such data about the iPads impact? Having evidence to support the claim that these technologies benefit student learning will assist in moving toward a 1:1 school using iPad technology.


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Digital Education Specialist

iPad Data

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I haven't had the chance to check this app out, but I would recommend implementing an app like eClicker (

Then over the course of the semester, design your lesson plans as either iPad or non-iPad. iPad lessons should incorporate apps/websites accessible during lecture. Non-iPad lessons should be traditional chalkboard instruction.

In both cases place 5-10 multiple choice learning checks throughout, answerable through eClicker for iPad lessons; paper and pencil for non-iPad lessons. Aggregate the percent of correct answers for iPad vs. non-iPad lessons. This should give you an accurate idea.

Also another interesting study would be to compute average percentages on homeworks of iPad lessons vs. non-iPad. This will test content retention between the lesson architectures.

Sidebar: It seems a little backwards to purchase sets of iPads with little to know implemented framework for them. I would just hate for the iPad to become a failed technology like what I feel the SMART Board has become in many classrooms.

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