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80 Online Tools, References, and Resources

Hubert V. Yee social media and marketing manager of startup

11/10/11 Update: We have an additional 30 plus tools, references, and resources submitted by community members.

We all know that teachers are always looking for tools, references, and resources for classrooms. Well, here's 80 "must see" trial, free, and paid websites recommended by Edutopia community members. Keep this list in your back pocket! It might come in handy. (The list is not ranked and listed in any order.) =)

What other websites do you think are missing from this list? Which ones do you use?

1. Thinkfinity:

2. National Geographic Xpeditions:

3. Culture Grams:

4. Asia Society:

5. BBC for Kids:

6. New York Times, Lesson Plans:

7. Teacher Corner:

8. Slide Share:

9. Free Rice-Vocabulary Site:

10. Free Poverty-Geography Site:

11. Learner:

12. International Reading Association:

13. OWL at Purdue U:

14. Blue Grammar Book:

15. ESL Flashcards:

16. Spellanywhere:

17. Rick Walton:

18. Fires in the Mind:

19. Edhelper:

20. RubiStar:

21. Byrd Seed Gifted Lessons:

22. Imagination Soup:

23. TED:

24. Professional Garfield:

25. Kid Blog:

26. That Quiz:

27. Academic Skill Builders:

28. Circle the Cat:

29. Sheppard Software:

30. Storyline Online:

31. ABCya!:

32. Study Zone:

33. Florida Assessment for Instruction in Reading:

34. Super Teacher Worksheets:

35. Discovery Education Streaming:

36. Busy Teacher’s Café:

37. Global Tech School:

38. Diigo:

39. Vocabulary and Spelling City:

40. Making Curriculum Pop:

41. English Champion:

42. National Council of Teachers of English:

43. Web English Teacher:

44. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:

45. College Board:

46. Technology in Class:

47. PBworks:

48. Challenge by Choice:

49. McQuality Education Services:

50. Learning Centre:

51. Dream Up the Future:

52. Ten Marks:

53. Quizlet:

54. Voice Thread:

55. 8 to Great:

56. Learn Me Project:

57. Hands on Math:

58. Edmodo:

59. Tween Tribune:

60. TregoED:

61. Middle School Science:

62. Science Spot:

63. Animoto:

64. Prezi:

65. Buck Institute for Education:

66. Eduhound:

67. How Stuff Works:

68. Flash Card Machine:

69. Class Jump:

70. ABCteach:

71. EPALS Global Community:

72. EdHelper:

73. TeAch-nology:

74. Survey Monkey:

75. Scholastic:

76. iKeep Bookmarks:

77. Enchanted Learning:

78. Eclipse Crossword:

79. Math Snacks:

80. Wikispaces:

Additional community member submissions:

81. World Digital Library:

82. Library of Congress for Teachers:

83. SocialMaestro:

84. Spellingcity:

85. Report Card Comments:

86. EDSITEment!:

87. Khan Academy:


89. National Archives - Teachers:

90. Smithsonian:

91. Jibe:

92. Glogster Edu:

93. PD 360:

94. Enter The Group:


96. JewelBeat:

97. NWP Digital Is:

98. Gapminder:

99. Facing the Future:

100. Curriculum21:

101. World Mapper:

102. Collaborize Classroom:

103. SweetSearch:


105. Genetic Science Learning Center:

106. Enter The Group:

107. Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology:

108. Knovio:

109. Splashtop Inc.:

110. Root-1:

111. MyClassTalk:

112. BenchPrep:

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A new flashcards platform

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You may add gflashcards to your list. The flashcards app is better than flashcardmachine.

Excellent! Two other resources...

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These are all extremely great technology resources! I am not sure if anyone has heard of this website, but as a Social Studies teacher I frequently use for lesson ideas, videos, free presentations and more! BrainPop is also a website I use in all subjects I teach. Even though most videos require membership which costs money, the website does feature free videos each month.

You missed one good resource

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Hey Hubert!

You have missed one good resource here:

Researching parents/pupils/teacher/institutions thoughts on exam revision

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Online Diagnostic Revision. Pupil login and Teacher login too for monitoring results in real time. Short test, automatically corrected and retests issued based on results. Recommendation for text book resource page numbers to revise based on results.

Education advocate and EdTech nerd

LearnBoost, Educreations, Remind101, & Top Hat Monocle

Was this helpful?

4 more fantastic tools that every teacher should know about!

LearnBoost: free online lesson planning, grading, reporting, sheduling, and sharing tools for classroom teachers (

Educreations: turn your iPad into an interactive lesson planning platform for free! (

Remind101: free and secure group messaging so teachers can connect via text with students (

Top Hat Monocle: the "clicker" redefined - students can use any mobile device to answer questions, participate in discussions, and engage in lectures. (

Full disclosure: I'm the Head of Community Development @LearnBoost and love to work with our teachers to make LearnBoost's free tools more amazing on a daily basis :D

Education advocate and EdTech nerd

And thanks!

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A quick shout-out to the amazing brainstorming here! As I share back-to-school resources with teachers and students, this is one of the best lists I've seen so far.

Content Producer, The ACME Network

Hi, All, edutopia did a video

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All, edutopia did a video interview on our non-profit some time ago on our online mentoring site, as a tool/ resource, so I wanted to share with this group our latest news: Our award winning animation training and mentoring program ACME Animation Online, has now opened its annual memberships to individuals worldwide. By opening our doors to individuals, we hoping to serve a larger population during this current school funding crisis. Pricing is $300 per student, although we are offering a 15% discount to celebrate the launch, so less than .70 cents per day. If you know of arts or technology teachers who might be interested, or individual students, please help us pass the word on. Go to for more info, and use price code (LNCH 15% Discount).
the old edutopia video article on us is at:
Resources to get animation going in your classes can be for for free at:

Teacher of English and Teacher Trainer in Chile

Teacher Training Videos

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Hey everyone
I'd like to share with you this great website created by Russell Stannard. You'll find a collection of tutorials on how to use different free websites as useful tools to support our lessons. Enjoy!

High School Literature Teacher, AP Literature

Did anyone mention PBS?

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I am new to the discussion, but I didn't see PBS Learning media listed. It's less of a tool and more of a resource for videos. I find it very helpful in my classroom.
The site redirects you to the local PBS, so here's Arizona:

Internet Archive

Was this helpful?
0 is a great resource. It includes video and audio clips as well as the Wayback machine, an archive of Internet sites.

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