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Edmodo in the classroom

Christie DeCarolis HS History teacher in NJ

I teach high school world history and I've been looking into using Edmodo with my classes this year. My students had a lot of fun with glogster last year and I want to incorporate more ongoing technology.

I'm interested in how teachers have used Edmodo and what their successes/problems were with it. What kind of assignments did you use Edmodo for? Were there any problems that you encountered unexpectedly?

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High school Spanish and Chinese teacher

We used

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We used in our classroom last year and it was great to have a cloud that parents could access and drop things like signed forms into with such a low learning curve.

Associate Content Marketing Manager, Education at Exinda

While Edmodo is undoubtedly a

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While Edmodo is undoubtedly a remarkable tool for classroom learning, security concerns arose recently because the application did not use SSL encryption on their sessions. I blogged a bit on the subject over here,
and apparently as of this week, Edmodo has made the necessary changes to protect students. When dealing with K-12 students, as you all know, security is not to be taken lightly.

Worth checking out Class

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Worth checking out Class Charts! Free in the Edmodo App Store.

middle school technology teacher

I love the idea of my

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I love the idea of my students communicating with other students around the globe. What kind of permissions did you need to get in order to do this? How did you find other classes to communicate with?

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