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Online teaching and learning

Online teaching and learning

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I am beginning to teach Spanish online at the community college level, and I would love to find out more on how other educators are teaching languages or other subjects online for asynchronous courses. What are good resources and best practices for all level teachers? I am also an instructional designer and will be working on developing online Spanish programs for high school students, so information about teaching middle and high school online courses would be useful as well. Thanks for your feedback or direction on where to look. Rebecca

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Andrew Pass's picture

Hi Rebecca,

I am going to Tweet your question and maybe somebody from Twitter will come and respond. (I hope!!)

If you want to follow me on Twitter I am @passandr.

Claudia Prada's picture
Claudia Prada

Hi I am also working on my Spanish online class. I would be interested in discussing some ideas with you.

Bev DeVore-Wedding's picture
Bev DeVore-Wedding
Science & Math Instructor, Meeker High School & CO Northwestern CC, CO

I want to learn more about online learning so I can incorporate it more into my current teaching assignment--5 different preps daily with six total classes, I think online teaching could really help me time-wise and give my students a richer learning experience.

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

Hi Rebecca and all,

Good luck with the spanish courses. I teach about 20% of my classes online at the Trade Training Centre where I work. It's Business Studies, not Spanish, but I guess the principles might be the same.

Firstly, I find it essential to have a good learning network or learning platform - especially if students aren't going to meet you at all 'in the flesh.' I'd recommend Moodle, but you might want to find something that suits you. Conversely, you might be shoehorned in to the one that the college is using. Regardless, it's essential that you can post notices, course notes, files, including video and sound and images, and students have some mechanism for submitting work.

Secondly, communication is something that's a real challenge when you don't actually meet face to face. I try to use a whole raft of strategies, like Twitter (useful to broadcast to all students in a course) as well as personal messaging (I use Pidgin) and emailing. Forums are quite easy to set up, as well, and allow people to review their posts.

Thirdly, there are lots of good, free, open-source applications out there that can help you with creating online 'lessons.' I've used PodCast creator on the Mac, but there are other ones likes Audacity and Podcast Creator for the PC.

Ummm... Gee, I got carried away there. Sorry.

If you've got any specific questions, or would like to see a sample Online lesson, let me know.

Mellisa Robinson's picture

My name is Mellisa Robinson and I will be pursuing a Masters Degree in Instructional Design and Technology. I would really love to see a sample lesson that you have created.

Mellisa Robinson's picture

I am teaching at the primary level K1- K6. The difficulty I face is the ability of my students to read. Could you help me with developing online lessons for these kids

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

[quote]My name is Mellisa Robinson and I will be pursuing a Masters Degree in Instructional Design and Technology. I would really love to see a sample lesson that you have created.[/quote]
Hi Mellisa - I will put something up really soon.

mcolon's picture
High School Spanish Educator

I know that there are many websites that provide podcasts and other varies forms of media to teach Spanish. There are publishing companies that also provide online instruction along with videoclips. I would need a better explaination in order for me to help you.

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