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Technology Integration

Technology Integration

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So, I'm wondering, do you think that technology has truly made a difference in the quality of teaching and learning within the core subject areas? How often do non-technology teachers really use technology in their classrooms to benefit learning? In what ways do they do this? I'm feeling pessimistic and I hope that I'm wrong.

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Kathy Morlan's picture
Kathy Morlan
High School English Teacher

[quote]Last year I video taped me teaching in the classroom and using the promethean board. When I went back to study the tape, I was surprised that all of the students were on task and involved with what I was teaching, even the children that are usually off task and have trouble with focus are consistently on task and actively involved in learning when I teach using the promethean board. I also video taped myself teaching without the board, there was a very different result, particularly not as much involvement in learning and more off task behaviors. That video changed the way I teach![/quote]

I teach English to 11th and 12th graders who are not fond of all that "readin' and writin' stuff." I've noticed, as you have, that when I use the Interactive White Board, I have a much better chance of grabbing their attention and keeping it. I have experimented and presented the same lesson to two classes with and without the IWB.

Some thoughts: Do my students percieve that I am more focused and prepared when I use the IWB? Do my students need multi-sensory input in order to succeed? What if I prepare the same slides, print them on transparencies, and use an overhead projector instead? Has anyone examined this? Is it just the flash and bang of the IWB? Is it the way their brains are being wired in early childhood? Questions, questions, questions.

Jim Dolan's picture
Jim Dolan
Computer Resource Teacher

Hi everyone,

I have to deliver a Technology Integration workshop for HS teachers in the very near future and though we might be able to share some resources. I would appreciate anything you would be willing to share.

I am starting to compile some resources at. www.mtsd.k12.nj.us/integration

Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Hi Jim!

I have a gazillion bookmarks- I just finished writing a book for Jossey bass- the Differentiated Instruction Book of Lists- so I have stuff on everything from using Skype in the classroom to iPad apps and more. Anything in particular you're looking for? That way, i won't overwhelm you!

Jim Dolan's picture
Jim Dolan
Computer Resource Teacher

Hi Whitney,

Thanks for the generous offer and willingness to share. I am thinking focusing on technologies that are free or very low cost. This way I don't base it on technology teachers don't have or can't afford.

I just cam across quizlet.com and it look pretty cool!

Information on Skype(videoconferencing in general), ways to collaborate online, Google earth, Google Docs, blogs, wikis, social network sites or other interesting web 2.0 ways to integrate technology in a high school classroom. Or even fun interactive educational websites on various subjects. I figure if I base the workshop around a computer and the internet it will not limit anyone.

I am posting things as I find them at www.mtsd.k12.nj.us/integration


Chris Richards's picture
Chris Richards
Elementary Principal at Black Hawk/Burlington Community School District


Here is an excellent PDF put together by Terry Freedman. It is not exactly the web 2.0 tools you are looking for but already completed projects using web 2.0 tools. I actually found this information on another edutopia site. Here is the link and you need to scroll down the page to Amazing Web 2.0 projects. I do not think that Mr. Freedman will mind me sharing this information.

Kathy Morlan's picture
Kathy Morlan
High School English Teacher

One of my favorite sources is edutecher.net. I put the app on my iTouch. If you are interested in finding something new everyweek, edutecher is a good place to start.
oh, and you have to include Prezi on your list. EduGlogster and Prezi are two methods of presentation that each of my 11th and 12th grade students must know how to use before they leave.

Jim Dolan's picture
Jim Dolan
Computer Resource Teacher

Great suggestions and wonderful resources. My workshop is starting to come together.

Stacie's picture

I definitely think technology helps with teaching. Kids LOVE technology. When I use technology in my classroom my engagement instantly goes up. They love using my iPad or SMART board. I think it makes it easy for the entire class to see because it is large. With the iPad there are so many fun and educational apps that kids can use that they don't even realize they are learning.

Lina's picture
First Grade Teacher from U.A.E.

Oh! I can't imagine my class without technology.. It eases the mission of tailoring any lesson to met all needs of students..

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