What is the one new technological tool that all middle/high schools should add? | Edutopia
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What is the one new technological tool that all middle/high schools should add?

What is the one new technological tool that all middle/high schools should add?

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If you could suggest that every middle and high school teacher add one new technological widget to their repertoire of tools for promoting the highest quality learning, what would you recommend that they add? How could this tool promote high quality learning? (Do you have any specific examples of how this tool has already lifted learning?)

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Andy Owens's picture
Andy Owens
9-12 High School Drafting Teacher Hickory, NC

I have added a Avermedia document camera. I teach drafting courses, and in my intro drafting class we do a lot of board drafting. I have 20 students and it is very difficult to get around to all of my students to show them how to do some of the work. With my doc camera I can record the activity and show it to the class via their computer monitors. I can also save it so that they can replay it on their computer.

Keith Heggart's picture
Keith Heggart
High School Teacher from Sydney, Australia

This is an iPhone application (it's free) that lets you create and post podcasts where ever you are. Very powerful. I've used it a lot to record seminars, and then post these to our server, so if students missed a class or want to revise, they can quickly access it.

It's new, but we're gradually seeing more and more students accessing it. Great to see that the students are becoming more and more independent about their learning, too!

Laura Schulkind's picture

I teach elementary AND I teach private music lessons to middle/high schoolers. The most incredible tool I have used in both educational settings is the Flip camera. Students are immediately able to evaluate performance.

Gary Gara's picture

One of the best tools for any student/teacher/administrator is cognitive mapping software such as "Inspiration". We think in images that are associated with our senses, memories, and our emotions. Cognitive mapping software helps to develop images and relationships of abstract concepts.

It can be used by students/teachers/administrators to present information and used by students/teachers/administrators to develop their own understanding of abstract concepts.

Donna Luna's picture

One of the "Cool Tools" I learned about at the last NCTE Conference was Prezi. Instead of PowerPoint, Students and teachers may create an account for FREE and create wonderful "Prezi's" all on the same page. It took me a couple of times to get the concep, but after watching the introduction and how to's once or twice, you will find it easy to navigate, you may share other Prezi's and always have access to your Prezi.
Check it out!

Rhonda SImon's picture

If I could have any piece of technology in the hands of my MS students it would be a Kindle EReader. I would transfer their text books and numerous other supplemental materials to their Kindles. This would eliminate the heavy weight of backpacks and ease their ability to highlight and document their own thoughts within their reading materials which is currently prohibited in order to "protect the textbooks".

Roberta Niche's picture
Roberta Niche
Library Media specialist for Melissa High School in Melissa, Texas

Hard to answer since new for some is btdt for others.

Lynn Farrin's picture

One to one computing - the Maine Learning Technology Initiative makes it possible for all 7th and 8th grade students to have a laptop. I am always taken aback when I visit other states that don't have this type of program and are strategizing about how to use their pod of computers in their classrooms or have tips for negotiating a computer lab.

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