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What is the one new technological tool that all middle/high schools should add?

What is the one new technological tool that all middle/high schools should add?

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If you could suggest that every middle and high school teacher add one new technological widget to their repertoire of tools for promoting the highest quality learning, what would you recommend that they add? How could this tool promote high quality learning? (Do you have any specific examples of how this tool has already lifted learning?)

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Brigitte Williams's picture

I would add this because you can embed podcasts, video images and record into the presentation this is a great tool for students to be using and sharing - it has so many applications for storytelling and building

Sharla Parker's picture
Sharla Parker
High School Reading Coach

I want to thank Donna Luna for her post regarding Prezi. I recently had to create a multi-media presentation for a graduate school class. I was going to incorporate a PowerPoint into my presentation until I read Donna's post on Prezi. I cannot believe how easy Prezi is to use, and the display format is certainly a "cut-above" PowerPoint!

Sharla Parker's picture
Sharla Parker
High School Reading Coach

[quote]One of the "Cool Tools" I learned about at the last NCTE Conference was Prezi. Instead of PowerPoint, Students and teachers may create an account for FREE and create wonderful "Prezi's" all on the same page. It took me a couple of times to get the concep, but after watching the introduction and how to's once or twice, you will find it easy to navigate, you may share other Prezi's and always have access to your Prezi.Check it out![/quote]


Thank you for your post! I checked out Prezi and I think it is amazing.

Jeanette Neyman's picture

ToonDoo.com and Bitstripsforschools.com are both great free resources for student to demonstrate mastery of content knowledge. You can have students create (think Blooms) a parody of a history, science, or English concept. The best thing is that it is fun.

Deena Miller's picture
Deena Miller
Reading Specialist-Yorkville High School

I have always enjoyed Web Quests, YouTube and Teacher Tube video clips, and of course my iPhone.

Joshua Pretzer's picture
Joshua Pretzer
Educator at Culver Academies

I agree with a lot of the tools posted here - Prezi, Moodle, Google Docs, Skype, Flip Cams, Tablets - all great. Another good thing to check out is Diigo. I was introduced to it this summer and was impressed with how this bookmarking site could turn a webquest into something interactive and collaborative for students.

Cheryl Taylor's picture
Cheryl Taylor
ENG IV teacher from Henry County, Kentucky

I have 6 computers in my classroom, but (as someone else said) EVERY student seems to have a cell phone -- which is a constant battle all year, trying to keep them from using them. I would be interested in hearing from people who use cell phones in the classroom for learning. Can you give me some concrete examples of how this would work?
Also, is there some way to pinpoint which particular students have their cellphones turned ON? Our school policy (weak) is that students must turn their cellphones OFF in the classroom. Yeah, right.

Sharon Porter's picture

Sometimes, after teaching a concept, I am not sure all the students have enough confidence to move from it to some new concept. I have them text in their comfort of moving from the present topic to something new. I use the free online program called PollEverywhere found here:


Liz Delmatoff's picture

Hello! We utilize cell phones in class and for homework. There are a number of ways, depending on the capability of the students' phones. Check out lesson plans and ideas at www.edsome.com or you can go to our Facebook page "Social Media In Education" for more lesson plans, comments and ideas. Liz

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