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Welcome and Introduce Yourself

Welcome and Introduce Yourself

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Welcome to the Technology Integration: High School group. Please take a moment and introduce yourself. In your introduction please share why you are interested in technology integration at the high school level.

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Bill Weaver's picture
Bill Weaver
Chairman of the Alpine (CA) High School Citizens Committee, www.AHSCC.com

I am an adocate of Technology in education, enabling a 21st Century learning experience. My community (Alpine, CA) has passed a bond, and will be building a new high school. I am a fan of Clay Christiansens', "Disrupting Class" book, and of his innovative disruption theory. I just attended a lecture at San Diego's High Tech High, delivered by James Paul Gee (A.S.U. Education Professor), on video gaming and curriculum delivery for state-of-the-art, 21st century schools... Any information that could be offered by anyone that would be helpful in planning for a new high school, and obtaining funds through grant, or donors, for building infrastructure for distance learning, technology, etc., would be greatly appreciated!

Bill : )

Bill Weaver's picture
Bill Weaver
Chairman of the Alpine (CA) High School Citizens Committee, www.AHSCC.com

Any information or sources for information you could lead me towards would be appreciated re: [quote]I am an independent curriculum developer and instructional designer. Most of my work revolves around developing core content educational resources that use technology to promote learning. I think that we are seeing a very exciting time in educational evolution. Just five years ago, probably even today, most students used textbooks as their primary sources of information. Five years from now, who knows how students will acquire most of their information. (I hope it is not through five year old textbooks.) Anyhow, I was honored when I was invited to facilitate this forum. I'm very excited about its potential. I also maintain a blog, here. I'm looking forward to continuing the conversation.[/quote]

Luv2Ride's picture
10th & 11th grade Language Arts teacher on an interdisciplinary team

Hey, everyone. I"m a 10th and 11th grade Language Arts instructor who teams with social studies teachers in a year-long, 2-period block setting. At the 10th grade level, I teach world literature, writing, speaking with a partner who teaches Western Civilization; at the 11th grade level, I teacher American literature and public speaking with a partner who covers U.S. history. Both classes integrate technology, but the 11th grade American Culture class is predicated on the constructivist model, with students working with our local area historical museum to research and preserve American history as it applies to our community. I'm interested in learning about emerging technologies that help take our classes into a 24/7, authentic learning environment. I'm looking forward to seeing what you alla re doing in your own classrooms and "stealing" your ideas. :)

Norton Gusky's picture
Norton Gusky
Coordinator of Educational Technology at Fox Chapel Area SD

I wear a variety of different hats. For this group I'm an adjunct faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University where I teach a course on integrating technology into curriculum, instruction, and assessment. It's good to see Bill's comment. I teach another course where we use "Disrupting Class" as a textbook. I included in last week's presentation James Paul Gee as we looked at the role of digital games in learning. I'm looking forward to learning from the group.

Miriam Bogler's picture
Miriam Bogler
I am an instructional technology specialist

I am an instructional technology professional with sixteen years experience. My professional experience includes: establishing a successful after-school program, design and implementation of a school technology plan, design, development, and delivery of instructional materials to students and faculty and help teachers conceptualize, plan and execute projects that use technology.

In my current position as technology specialist at Balboa Gifted/High Ability Magnet School, I have designed and implemented a technology program geared to address the challenges of the 21st century. The technology program I designed and described in detail on the school website, is focused on utilizing Web 2.0 technologies to develop students' critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills.

Last summer I have completed an online Master's degree program in Educational Technology Leadership at The George Washington University.

Mohd Tariq Salman's picture

I teach undergraduate medical students and am also a member of Medical education unit of our college which is actively involved in faulty development programs. I'm excited about using technology in and outside the classroom for effective teaching.

Bev DeVore-Wedding's picture
Bev DeVore-Wedding
Science & Math Instructor, Meeker High School & CO Northwestern CC, CO

I teach about whatever my admin asks me too--this year Physical Science, Intro to Chemistry, College Algebra/Trig, Algebra 1 & Career Math. Three of these classes are dual enrollment CNCC classes. Exxon-Mobile donated a large sum of money to our new elementary school with the stipulations that the MS & HS math & science teachers also receive Smart Boards, clickers, etc. Last year I started vodcasting my Col Algebra/Trig and Algebra 2 lectures, some real-time, others not. I have been almost overwhelmed by the learning curve but absolutely know these technologies and more are the way to teach/learn. I hope to learn more on using what I already have, step up my use of technology and give my students more challenging learning experiences.

April Tischer's picture

I am a program coordinator for a college-based adult education program. The program prepares students age 16 and above who have dropped out of school to take the GED. Most students who enter the program have skills upon entry below the secondary level and require adult basic education classes prior to entering GED preparation classes. Students' abilities run the gamut. Instructional software is available and utilized as a supplement to group and individualized instruction. My personal goal is to provide a learning environment that prepares students to enter postsecondary education ready to compete without the need for developmental courses.

Many students who enter adult education lack rich educational backgrounds and the technology skills of their peers. I am seeking innovative ways to integrate technology into self-paced, individualized instruction. I value any suggestions.


Laurie Merrill's picture
Laurie Merrill
Seventh Grade science teacher from Fillmore, Californis

Nice to meet you. I need help with integrating new technology into the curriculum that I am experimenting with as part of my Action Research project for Full Sail University. I need help with anyone who is: 1.) using a Ning site with students 2.) using neuromusicology techniques and 3.) using Teen Second Life in the classroom. I work with middle school kids but probably can modify HS projects.

Deborah Gaskins's picture

I work in Camden, New Jersey at a high school with limited resources. I am always looking for new ideas, new tools and activities to make learning interesting and exciting for my students. I know that without being able to utilize the tools of the 21st Century, our students will struggle moving forward in education and life.

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