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Welcome and Introduce Yourself

Welcome and Introduce Yourself

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Welcome to the Technology Integration: High School group. Please take a moment and introduce yourself. In your introduction please share why you are interested in technology integration at the high school level.

This post was created by a member of Edutopia's community. If you have your own #eduawesome tips, strategies, and ideas for improving education, share them with us.

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Brandon Murphy's picture

My name is Brandon Murphy and I am the Technology Specialist at the Cayuga Onondaga Teacher Center in Auburn NY. We serve nine component districts helping with technology instruction.

Shannon Cde Baca's picture

I am an online science teacher and course designer. I have been teaching an online high school class to students who attend a school that has not been able to find a certified chem. teacher. The course is blended and I use SKYPE, Adobe Connect Pro and an Iowa Communication Network to help the kids learn and connect. I am interested in sharing all sorts of ideas and resources with others who are working with online and blended face to face classes.

Angie Smith's picture
Angie Smith
Teacher of Gifted and Talented (Grades 3-5) from Myrtle Beach, SC

I teach at Burgess Elementary in Myrtle Beach, SC. I teach language arts 3rd-5th grade and facilitate an online PreAlgebra to 5th graders. My class is a computer lab, so technology access is not an issue--putting the curriculum in an online format and keeping it exciting and challenging are my issues. I am always looking for innovative ideas to integrate tachnology and language arts.

dianne matheis's picture
dianne matheis
eLearning Coach from Evansville, IN

I work in the Evansville Indiana school district. This year, we started a 1:1 netbook initiative at our 5 high schools. Each high school has an eLearning Coach who works with the teachers and students. We have had our success and failures so I am wanted to learn from other educators what works well with their classrooms.

Sue Densmore's picture
Sue Densmore
High School Music Teacher from Byfield, MA

I am a high school band director, who teaches band, jazz band, sound recording, general music (guitar based), and theory.

I love tech, and I love social media, and I think they can go hand in hand. But I am not always good about incorporating tech into my classes per se. I am here looking for ideas and interaction.

Larry Fallon's picture
Larry Fallon
Instructional Technology Coordinator Alternative Education Programs APS

Hi all
I am the ITC for the Alternative Education programs in Arlington County Public Schools Virginia. I work at several sites supporting the technology infrastructure and providing PD for the teachers in the programs and occasionally get to model technology integration projects in the classroom allowing me to work directly with students. I am very interested in finding ways to use Edutopia and this group to collaborate and share best practices. I have had this job for ten years now and its the best job I have ever had in schools.

Donna Fishel's picture
Donna Fishel
High school journalism teacher in southwest Missouri.

I am new to the group and was wondering if anyone else is making the leap to a paperless classroom. I am looking at using google reader for gathering information from the web, google docs for creating/sharing/editing work, wordpress as a class blog site, vimeo for video. I am willing to collaborate and share ideas!

Timothy S. McKenna's picture
Timothy S. McKenna
Humanities teacher in Boston, MA

We are being data driven to extinction, soon we'll all be reading scripts produced by all the NGO's and Charter School corporations. There seems to be growing an unholy alliance between urban school administration and anti-teacher anti-union privatization forces unwittingly supported by the young hip educational entrepreneurs.

We can keep our students from being victims by this 'progress' by realizing that our students are producing incredible data every day and that our classrooms are the only research laboratories that are any damn good.

Though the biggest deal on this forum seems to be IPAD promotion, I believe that technology can be key in empowering students and teachers and in repelling the invasion of corporations privatization interests in one of the last and largest bastions of public interest.

Strong public institutions are built from the bottom up by dedicated people working in their communities. Technology Integration holds the promise assisting us and our students in making use of student data every day, of authoring assessment material that responds to the data from our classrooms on a daily basis and then using that information to design what we are doing on the next day.

Technology is a weapon. I want to control it and have it firmly in my arsenal. We are in a fight for the survival of our profession and to keep our kids from becoming merely widgets, consumers and clerks in the corporatocracy.

Yours Truly if the spam filter ever lets this through...

Timothy S. McKenna
Humanities teacher
Parkway Academy of Technology and Health, a Boston Public High School
1205 VFW Parkway, Boston, MA 02132 rm404
tim@sitebuilt.net, http://sitebuilt.net
exp. course news on twitter, id: mrtmckenna
class wiki sites:
http://pathboston.com/hum Humanities 3
http://pathboston.com/poets class159
(857)498-2574 (mobile), (617)524-0938 (home)

Lori M's picture
Lori M
Special Educator/Educational Technologist in Nevada


I believe you hit the nail right on the head! Technology in schools should not be about the shiniest, newest tools. It should not be about an alliance between districts' wants for said tools and corporations' desires to run the districts by providing said tools. Technology in schools should be about what enhances the students' learning experiences as well as what empowers the teachers to facilitate quality instruction.


J. R. Warren's picture
J. R. Warren
9-12 math teacher

I am a high school math teacher mostly teaching three levels of Algebra 2. We have 1 to 1 laptops in our schools and am confused on how to make more use of them. Our state had the laptop program and a set of learning results we are expected to meet. I would like to learn how to make better use of the laptops while meeting the learning results.

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