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Teach locally: Obscura Day (March 20)

Teach locally: Obscura Day (March 20)

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Billed as "A day of expeditions, back-room tours and hidden treasures in your hometown," Obscura Day will invite participants all over the globe to check out some of the interesting features of their area. It's curated by the folks at Atlas Obscura, so some of the events are a little on the...uh...unusual side. But what kid wouldn';t be interested a place called "The Bone Room"? Or the Underground Salt Museum where you can see a piece of crystal on which the oldest known bacteria was found? Or, my favorite, the THE HEIDELBERG PROJECT, a two-block-long, outdoor art installation made of everyday objects? History, geography, folklore, art, theater, literature -- there are bound to be some interesting lessons here. And they're taking suggestions if there's something in your town that should be added to the Obscura Day itinerary. Alas, it's on a Saturday. But some of these events seem so intriguing that it could be a fun outing in some other capacity. I've noticed there are a number of Facebook groups cropping up called Secret . Secret Oakland, Secret Boston, etc, where people share their favorite unusual museums, parks, historical sites, and so on. These seem like some intriguing ways to offer some insights into our own back yards. Anyone have any other ideas for ways to teach locally?

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