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Seventh grade silliness

Kirsten Foti

This week in class, we have been working on summary writing using a chart to sort details of a story. There are six columns labeled as follows: Somebody/Wanted/But/So/Then/Finally. For example, Cinderella wanted to go to the ball, but her step-family wanted her to stay home and clean. So, a fairy godmother arrived. Then Cinderella was able to go to the ball, and finally, she married the prince.

Ok, so I had my students fill in the chart in groups based on a story we read before we discussed it as a group. We got through the first two columns with most students wanting to participate.

As I began to lead to the third column, one of my students began calling out, "Ooo ooo ooo, pick my but! Pick my but!"

Ah, a day in the life of seventh grade.

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