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From the mouths of 2nd graders

From the mouths of 2nd graders

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I teach 2nd grade in a Catholic school in NYC. 1) One day, the students asked me how old Mary was when she had Jesus. One student said that she was a teenager. One little girl stated "If they had "16 & Pregnant" on back then, would Mary have been on it?" Yikes. I just hope her mom is doing A LOT of explaining while letting her daughter watch that show! 2) While putting students into groups for a field trip, a boy declared that the girl I put him with was his "march enemy." I don't think I laughed so hard all year! He said it with such conviction. When I caught my breath, I told him that she was his "arch" enemy, and no, she shouldn't be his enemy, that we're all friends. He just gave her an evil look. Priceless.

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