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Lora Ma-Fukuda mom & former exec producer

I'm not a teacher, but I'm sure the teachers will appreciate what my 8-year old said in the car this morning:

"I hope all the printers at school break down today... then we won't get any homework."

Happy Monday!

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Student, actor, writer

I'm not a teacher either :D

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So i'll feel a bit less awkward about this....

When I was in second grade I brought my dog into school with me. As I walked into class I shoved my unfinished crossword into the mouth of this fairly large lab, looked straight into the teacher's eyes and said

Me: The dog ate my homework...
Teacher: Why did you bring your dog to school!?
Me: Some questions just don't need answers....shhh....

I wasn't aloud to watch t.v. for a really long time :)

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