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I'll start with two...

I'll start with two...

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One year in a freshman physical science class, we were discussing a close approach of an asteroid. At the time, the news was reporting that the asteroid would come as close as 240,000 miles to the earth (the estimate changed quickly to a much larger distance). I put this in perspective by saying that this was about the same as the distance between the earth and moon... "What would happen if it hit the moon," one student asked, "would it destroy the moon?" "Well, then, instead of a full moon, we would have two halves," I jokingly responded. "But, if the moon was destroyed, we wouldn't have nighttime." stated a third student. OOPS. ---- The second is better, but not one I heard first hand. Since this forum is based on a NSFW Twitter meme related to stuff my dad says, I thought it was appropriate to share - My dad was a 7th grade life science teacher. During a discussion of characteristics of cephalopods, one student said, "An octopus has eight testicles." And yes, this was in front of a class of 30 middle school students... Perhaps we could add a "bad science joke" discussion thread too?

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