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Games and Science, Math ?

Roberto Catanuto High School Math, Physics and CS teacher, Switzerland

Dear colleagues, do you think it's possible to effectively use Games for learning algebra and geometry ?
I haven't found anything really geared towards learning but just a lot of flashy stuff that is not Math but a video game re-painted with some Math on it.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Thank you very much.

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Sales and Marketing at STEM Fuse, a developer of K12 STEM Curricula

Check out GAME:IT

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My company has developed a computer programming curriculum that using game design as the hook to appeal to students. It incorporates the math and physics concepts critical to game development AND the use of the engineering design cycle throughout the entire course. I don't know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but it has been very successful in teaching the STEM disciplines in a way that appeals to students. Check it out at

High School Math, Physics and CS teacher, Switzerland

Yes, I'll check it out

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Yes, I'll check it out !

Thank you very much

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