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creative uses of magic and illusion in school


Peter Suchmann
I am a retired science teacher/ Science coordinator with over 30 years in Great Neck Schools N.Y. under my belt. My passion -post retirement- is helping teachers to model creativity and problem solving skills in their classroom. For over 40 years i have been a magic enthusiast and over those years, my hobby of magic became an important part of my teaching and mentoring repertoire. I recently developed two new motivational teaching kits which are being marketed by Educational Innovations- ( one of the best science materials companies for creative and joy-filled hands-on science instruction. I was written up in the Sept. 2012 NSTA Reports newspaper (page 18) and I have produced several TV shows on the use of magic and discrepant events in the classroom. I am currently developing several new hands-on STEM related motivational teaching kits and I would love to network with teachers who share my enthusiasm for creative teaching tools. I am looking for new ways to deliver my STEM presentations to teachers after having had an amazing experience presenting at the NSTA STEM conference in Atlantic City last May. For information, please contact Pete Suchmann at 516 678 0794 or

I would love to hear from other teachers if they agree with me about the use of magic and illsuion as a tool to get kids excited about learning.......

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