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What things have worked For LD students

What things have worked For LD students

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1.Doctor- Neurologist and Psychiatrist - I can highly recommend - Dr. Harold Levinson a neurologist and psychiatrist in New York who basically cured my son of severe dyslexia with simple medications when he was 11 years old and is now 26 with 2 college diplomas. Google him . My son and I are under the mult- media section. Read his books especially "Smart But feeling Dumb" and go to see him. My son went from a grade 2 reading level in Grade 6 to a Grade 5 level in three weeks. I have everything documented.- Hand Writing changes, reading tests etc. 2.Eye Doctor - Dr. Peter Martinello in Mississauga/ Toronto, Ontario, Canada prescribed prism lenses to correct my son's binocular focal point and took away his headaches and stopped the words from moving around. This helped my son in Grade 4, but in grade 6 he completely learned to read and spell after 3 weeks on the Levinson medication. 3. Computer Program- "Fast Forward" - from Scientific Learning in California can really help Language Impaired students learn using animated cartoon like games which help students learn to differentiate the difference between the hard consonant sounds like " b and d", "c and k" which they have difficulty distinguishing. The program individually adjust the tone, duration,frequency and pitch of the sounds until the brain reprograms to recognize them. This make a permanent irreversible improvement in a child's language up to 5 grade levels in just a half hour playing a day for 5- 10 weeks. Group and site as well as individual licenses for the program are available. 4. Irelen Lenses- coloured Irelen lenses can make a dramatic difference for LD students who have the Irelen syndrome. My girlfriend's nephew had amazing success with the lenses and went from a non- reader who had no hope, to now working on his Master's Degree. 5.Kurzweil computer reader- software that reads printed text to students. 6. Dragon Speak- computer program - very good and easy to use - voice activated typing program. 7.Inspiration- computer program- graphic organizer which helps students put their thoughts into organized formats I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR OF MORE INTERVENTIONS WHICH HELP LD STUDENTS

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