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Are you using the arts in your classroom and, if yes, how?


I have been asked to find out how the arts (music, dance, drama, literature, etc) are being used in the special education classroom. If you are using the arts, what are you doing? Or, do you know someone who is exemplary in using the arts with kids with disaiblities?

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Using art in the classroom is a positive in our classroom. We will use crafts (making items that represent what the lesson is about) or drawings and paintings about the subject material; we also use craft clay to make models of what we are discussing in science (atoms as an example). For any student who may have difficulty with fine motor skills, we will have a peer tutor work closely with the student, but the student gets to pick the colors, the materials, and guide the peer tutor in their creation. Sometimes when a concept is difficult we will write a song about it - (Measurement: "From the knuckle to the tip is one inch, 12 inches in a foot (point to foot); 2 - 3 feet in a yard (hands go out to represent a yard) -- we try to make it fun and memorable.


Using Music for Autistic Children

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Recently ChildsWork did an article on the research being done on using music therapy for Children with Autism in the Classroom.

Through the use of music therapy/ music in the classroom it has been shown to improve temperament in children with Autism, supporting them to develop stronger learning skills and knowledge acquisition.

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Using Cartooning and Acting to Engage Diverse Learners

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I thought you might find this useful. I am writing a 6 part article detailing how I employed cartooning and acting to help Special Needs and ELL students learn how to generate ideas and vocabulary for fictional stories.

Here is the link to the most recent posting;


The next posting will be coming in the next two weeks.

Let me know your thoughts. And good luck on your research.



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