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Are your grades based on the IEP or state standards?

Are your grades based on the IEP or state standards?

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Big debate in my school about grades. General ed teachers think all students should be graded on the same scale as general ed students, but the SPED teachers say their students should be graded only on the basis of their IEP goals. What do you think? What do you do?

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Housecat's picture

My kids are graded, ultimatly, based on IEP goals. That's the point of the IEP, right? Levelizing the playing field a bit? (No, not dumbing down, I mean levelizing--like allowing those us who need glasses to drive while we are actually wearing the glasses.) That's the way I see it anyway, and so far no one has said anything different to me.

Pamela Hamil's picture

I agree with Housecat. It ultimately has to be based on their goals.

However, NCLB has confused this issue since our sped kids are now required to take the same standardized tests as the gen ed students at the same grade level unless they are cognitively impaired. Even with accoms and mods for testing, there is little chance that our kids can achieve the standards required to "pass" those. It is frustrating, and to me simply further frustrates our kids and impedes our ability to make them feel successful. But, I also don't want to be guilty of "dumbing" down either! A certain Catch 22!

Nyri's picture

I don't understand why is the confusion with the education system. when Special Education was created it was because the traditional way of teaching or the regular education did not work with some children. Now the system wants to teach the special education students the traditional way. I also believe that the regular education teachers should be educated about special ed. May be that way they will understand why these kids have an IEP.

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