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Are your grades based on the IEP or state standards?

Deven Black Middle school teacher-librarian in the Bronx, NY

Big debate in my school about grades. General ed teachers think all students should be graded on the same scale as general ed students, but the SPED teachers say their students should be graded only on the basis of their IEP goals.

What do you think? What do you do?

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Intervention Specialist

Our school went to a double

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Our school went to a double block Math schedule a couple years ago- 90 min. Math instruction/ 2 periods, since I teach a pull-out class, I use 1 block for prerequisite/IEP skills, and the other 7th grade skills as close as possible. At first,I was concerned with how I'd keep them on track for 90 minutes- but by breaking it up this way, the kids get both aspects. Grading in the reg. classrooms is based on a modified scale according to what % the spec ed student is expected to perform at- however, beginning next year- they will be held at the same % as the reg. kids...which I guess is fine, as long as the modifications are appropriate.

Special Education Teacher


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I have students participate in mainstream classes and I modify expectations for participation. They are then graded on the modified expectations. Modifications can include reaching a level 2 rather than a level 3, writing one paragraph rather than 5, having a scribe write for them. They are then able to be graded against the modified expectations. IEP goals? I grade and update their IEP's. My students can receive their updated IEP goals and a grade in science or social studies.

Hope this helps.

High School Special Education Teacher from South Carolina

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I teach high school special education for what my state calls "Trainable Menatlly Disabled". I grade on academics but also mark on my teacher copy IEP's how my students are progressing on their goals. We are also required to keep work samples showing what is being done to cover our IEP goals. In elective classes, art, PE, etc. my teachers grade my kids on participation. This has worked well with no real problems from the other teachers or supervisors.

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