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Dyspraxia- Do you know anything about it?

Dyspraxia- Do you know anything about it?

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Do you have a child or student who....falls often....has trouble with walking, jumping....hopping... throwing and catching a ball....handwriting...speech....clumsiness...organization.... tying shoes....bumping into things...sensory issues, etc.

M son has Dyspraxia (aka Developmental Motor Coordination Disorder, DCD or decades ago Clumsy Child Syndrome.) I have been exploring the disability quite a bit in recent years and now am recognizing the disorder in my own students even on a first and second grade level. My research has told me that the UK is the leader when it comes to to Dyspraxia and the US is WAY behind in dealing with this disability.

Do you know anything about Dyspraxia? Have you had a child or student who has been identified as Dyspraxic? What are your experiences with that identification process and have the additional support services helped?

If you know nothing about Dyspraxia- see this link for more info: http://www.ncld.org/types-learning-disabilities/dyspraxia/what-is-dyspraxia

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