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Unique Learning Curriculum

Unique Learning Curriculum

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Anyone out there using the Unique Learning curriculum from News2You?

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Anne's picture
special ed middle school mod to severe

We have to use this stupid curriculum. Our school is a segregated school qwith mod to severe dosabilities. The units are so far over our students heads. It may be ok for those who have verbal dh learners. But only 4/12 of my kids got anything out of it. I could not. Do what I know i needed to do for each indovidiual child. Which is how i won my. Teacher of year award. Just frustrated and tryong to figure out how to teach this new age group. It will work out. Govt sure makes teaching tough! Cameras in my classroom will surely help! NOT!

dumb" it down enough. . to be honest i am tired. Tired of d of people decisipns on decisions on what i need. to teach. That curroculum is

Anne's picture
special ed middle school mod to severe

Sorry my android is. Making major spelling mistakes but you all get the gist.

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