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Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself

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Its nice to see so many new people arriving here. Please take a few moments to tell us about yourself, especially about your interests beyond the classroom.

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Mitchell Minkoff's picture

I worked as a spec. ed. teacher of seriously emotionally disturbed high school students in a special state school in Rockville, Maryland. When I first arrived at the school, I was a crisis management teacher. I retired two years ago.
I am disturbed with some of the recent trends in special education, and have been looking for a forum to see if others feel the same.

Mitchell Minkoff's picture

I am, and have been upset about recent trends in special education. I believe that the No Child Left Behind law has caused damage to special education. I've been looking for an on line forum to discuss this issue and others.

Kathi DiMenna's picture

Hi, I have been teaching for over 30 years. However, I do believe in change and that the students of the 21st Century do learn differently. I redid an assignemt this year in which the students work cooperativley on a research project and present it as a power point. The difference is amazing. They are begging to work on the project... One group decided on their own that they would compare fast food to healthy food and find out what effect fast food has on the growing obesity of our society.

When I am not teaching I like to work out at the gym, ride my bike to train for a century ride, travel and read historical fiction.

Deven Black's picture
Deven Black
Middle school teacher-librarian in the Bronx, NY

Welcome to the group.

In my school there is a lot of pressure to move students from self-contained classes to inclusion classes. Inclusion classes have two teachers, at least on certified in special education who travels with the students as they move from subject-teacher to subject-teacher.

My problem is that some of the students we move to inclusion classes, while they can do the academic work, can not handle the social transition from a class of 12 with intense teacher involvement to a class of 30 in which teacher attention is more thinly spread.

Deven Black's picture
Deven Black
Middle school teacher-librarian in the Bronx, NY

LPS, Brooks, Pattie, Mitchell, and Kathi, its nice to see you all here. This is absolutely the place to discuss issues in special education, issues in the classroom, techniques that work for you, ideas, comfort and more. We all learn from each other and whatever your question, someone here will have an answer or two.

Kristen Knight's picture
Kristen Knight
Elementary Resource Specialist, K-6th

Hi All, my name is Kristen and I am going into my 5 year of teaching RSP. I previously taught HS RSP for three years, and now teach RSP K-6th at the same school my children attend. I am truly blessed!!!

Regina Wright's picture
Regina Wright
Special Education Teacher in West Virginia

After working in Birth To Three here in WV for 18 years, I find myself in my third year of teaching. As the mother of two childrew with special needs, I did NOT want to go into special ed......HAH!! I love it!! But my "kids" are young adults now, so I can teach and not have to do battle, so to speak! As a parent, I fought hard for inclusion....but now as a teacher, I am quite frustrated at having to ignore many of the kids needs so they can participate in the classroom. I'm torn! Am looking forward to learning a lot here!

Ned Overmyer's picture
Ned Overmyer
Cross Categorical 6th Grade SPED teacher

Hey everyone! My kids call me Mr. O but you can call me Ned. I have been teaching for 24 years and have taught every thing from Pre-school to High School Severe/Profound kids. Currently I am in the last place I thought I would ever be and that is at a Middle School. Don't knock it unless you have tried it! The kids can be very squirrelly, but they are also very cool to be around, joke with, cry with and even have discussions with. They are in that unique age of trying to be an older student but still are childish. We are working hard on becoming totally Project Based Learning and it is proving to be very good for my kids. They get to meet alot of kids who would not give them the time of day, but when they get put together in groups they sort of "discover" each other and realize they have a lot in common. I am looking forward to talking with all of you. Incidentally, Deven, how on earth are you teaching Special Ed and Social Studies?

Deven Black's picture
Deven Black
Middle school teacher-librarian in the Bronx, NY

Welcome to the group Harmony & Ned! I hope you'll be active members as you both seem to have experience and knowledge to share.

Ned, when I was in grad school studying to be an elementary-level teacher I thought that anyone who worked in middle schools had to be crazy. Little did I know that two years later I would be working in a middle school and see how wrong I was.

I have fallen completely in love with middle school because, as you say, you can have real conversations with the kids.

1SpEDTeacher's picture
Elementary Special Ed teacher, Spring Texas

I'm from Spring, Texas out side of Houston. I have been teaching for over 8 years. I started teaching after going through the school system with my child, and decided that I knew I could have done a better job of educating her.. I believe that Special Education should be INDIVIDUALIZED and not "Cookie Cut" or "One Size Fits All".. I am always looking for new ways to teach my students about the REAL WORLD and how to survive in it..

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