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Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself

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Its nice to see so many new people arriving here. Please take a few moments to tell us about yourself, especially about your interests beyond the classroom.

This post was created by a member of Edutopia's community. If you have your own #eduawesome tips, strategies, and ideas for improving education, share them with us.

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Harmony's picture
10th grade English inclusion teacher, department chair

Hi, I'm Harmony and I teach on the Big Island of Hawaii. We have been moving toward full inclusion for all diploma track students for 3 years now. This past year, with more training for co-teaching teams (reg ed and sped teachers in the classroom), we have been fairly successful. We have been rolling out this inclusion model gradually, and will be expanding for grades 9, 10 and 11 this next school year. Our goal is to maintain high expectations for all students, while still supporting students' special needs. Coming from CA, I am familiar with the Resource Specialist model that is used in other states, but that is not as common here. There is no high school exit exam, so the grade a teacher assigns is the way that students earn credit towards a diploma. As of now, there is only one kind of diploma, so making sure students truly do meet the standards that diploma represents is important. Having a strong certificate route program for the less-academic, more vocationally-skilled students is key in order to offer a "free and appropriate education" for all. As the chair of the sped dept, I am always looking for new ideas to support the full spectrum of students we serve.

crystal's picture
Autism Facilitator

I have been looking for a Special Education group to join. I am currently an Autism Facilitator for the Low Incidents Autism Intervention Classroom for k-5 at a school near St. Louis. I am really looking to network with other teachers who are teaching in a self contained Autism classroom. I've been teaching for 8 years all in the field of Autism.

I am interested in how other schools are integrating students with extreme Autism.

Outside of school I love music, history, and being with my husband and son.

Alice Powell-Brown's picture
Alice Powell-Brown
Elementary Special Education Teacher, Self-Contained (K-5)

Hi, I am a self-contained teacher who was an assistant and work closely with different levels of Autism. My first class was a PPCD-AU classroom (3-5 year olds) and then I moved to the new version of an ALE (Alternative Learning Environment) room with k-5th. I do love what I do and most would say I talk about it too much, but everyday is an adventure. I also received my ESL certification because one my students did not need the bilingual classroom as much as he needed mine so now I am Special Ed/ESL. I have students with disabilities ranging from severe and profound to visual impairment to autism to MR. It is a challenge and I wish we had the severe and profound classes as well as the visual impairment classrooms so that things could be set up for them. It is a dis-service when behaviors impede on whether or not I get a chance to work with other students. Anyway, I am in San Antonio, Texas and I love teaching (not the paperwork, LOL). I also have my masters in Education with Instructional Technology. I would like to create more creative ways for my students to take tests and review information.

Tina Nelson's picture

My name is Tina. This is my second year as a special education teacher. I am a class within a class(cwc) teacher. All of my students are in the general education classroom and I work with them in the classroom and also the teachers to help them with modifications and working with them on how the students best learn. There a times that I pull them out either one on one or in a group to do instruction. I love my job.
I have 3 children who keep me very busy with all of their activities. However, when I have time, I love to get on my horses and work with them. Working on getting that dream barn buil.

Julia Stephenson's picture

Hi! My name is julia. I am a college student recently in my second semester going for a GED and a degree then I am going to a university to become a High school special Education Teacher.

I have 1 autistic ten year old brother, a 3 year old sister I am the second oldest and My 22 year old my brother is the 1st oldest. I love to read, write, baby-sit, take pictures and go to school.

I graduated from Special education classes myself, in november of 12th grade. then i went on to a GED preparation special education class to study for the GED. I was always on the honor-roll through my high schol years. I have passed the GED practice tests, but i have been waiting since June to take the tests. So I decided to go to community college first to try to earn my GED and Degree.

My favorite school subjects are English, General Psychology, Science, History, Early Childhood Education and Social studies.

mishosmom's picture
6th-8th grade ED teacher

Hi, I'm Cindy. I teach 6th-8th grade ED at a theraputic day school. It is a non-suspension, non-exppulsion school. It is self contained. They do all academics, as well as lunch and gym in the same room. We do break up into different groups for Reading. One teacher takes the very low, doing Wilson reading. Another takes the high group. I have the middle students for Read 180. One question I have for the forum is how they feel about read 180. Also how do they manage the Read 180 classroom when 3 things are going on at once. It's a good program, but I am having a little issue with behaviors.
We do a lot of engaged learning, which I like.
I like to swim, live for the beach at the Michigan Dunes, and am an avid Parrothead. I love classic rock, trop rock, and old time folk dancing.

Deven Black's picture
Deven Black
Middle school teacher-librarian in the Bronx, NY

Wow! So many new members. Welcome! I hope you will be active members here and let us all learn from your experience while you learn from us.

Deven Black's picture
Deven Black
Middle school teacher-librarian in the Bronx, NY

[quote] I have the middle students for Read 180. One question I have for the forum is how they feel about read 180. Also how do they manage the Read 180 classroom when 3 things are going on at once. It's a good program, but I am having a little issue with behaviors.[/quote]

Hi Cindy, I've been teaching Read 180 for four years, one of them full-time doing the program.

It can be a challenge getting students to do independent work without disruption and without constantly asking for help. What has helped me is finding material pertinent to a child's interests and at the appropriate reading level. My students range from 10-14 years old, but their reading levels range from K to just below grade level.

I have usually had to go outside the Read 180 materials to find what I need, but it is usually worth the effort.

How old are the students you teach?

chartman's picture

Hi! My name is Christine. I have been teaching in a resource setting at a K-3 building for 7 years. I love the students I work with! I am very excited to see that this is here to talk to other special ed teachers!

Jean Pavlovic's picture
Jean Pavlovic
Special Ed. teacher, grades 9-12, cognitive disabilities and autism, WI

My name is Jean and I teach at the high school level. Most of my students have autism and although I have a self-contained classroom, my kids go out for a variety of classes. Their academic level ranges from about 1st to 4th grade, but they're so smart in other ways. This allows them to particpate in computer classes, cooking and baking classes, art, Phy Ed, etc. Although kids with autism can have some challenging behaviors, I love working with them. I teach academic classes as well as functional living skills. I've been teaching 18 years, the last 8 are in this setting.

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