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Introduce Yourself

Introduce Yourself

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Its nice to see so many new people arriving here. Please take a few moments to tell us about yourself, especially about your interests beyond the classroom.

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sulenticlm's picture

Hello! I am in my first year of teaching special education. I teach 7th and 8th grade students at a therapeutic day school in Chicago IL. Our entire school is self-contained and we serve students whose primary diagnosis is severe emotional behavioral disordered. I have 8 boys and really love the connections I have made with them. I have learned so much already and have so many questions. I am looking for any support and would appreciate any words of thought! :-)

Maria's picture
high school special education teacher from Chicagoland area

Hello! I am in my 2nd year of teaching in a high school class. I was a teacher assistant for 5 years in the special ed environment while I returned to school for my masters. I received my masters in elementary education; however, I chose to stay in special ed after all was said and done. I am interested in hearing about the trials and tribulations of other special ed teachers, as well as how they've solved them, so that I may be better at my job. I really love what I do....I just want to be really great at it, lol.

Gretchen Fleming's picture

Hi I am in my 13th year of teaching but my 1st year at a Middle School. It has been a wild ride but I love what I am doing. Our school is being audited by the DOE when we come back from Spring Break. Just curious as what to expect. They are meeting with me to interview me....what ever that means. Wondering if anyone has been through this yet.

Nakie Workman, Ed.D.'s picture
Nakie Workman, Ed.D.
Adult ILS Transition Program/students 18-22 year with DD, Roseville, CA

I have been teaching and working with students with moderate to severe disabilities for 23 plus years from K through 22. Presently I work with the young adults with developmental disabilities 18-22 years old. It is a unique population requiring a lot of creative thinking and teaching. This transition is when maturity begins to solidify setting in motion the process of becoming the independent person they were meant to be. The transition time also begins that "letting go" process for them and their parents. We kind of live in a bubble from regular ed. I would love to chat with anyone teaching an ILS transition program.

Jeanne's picture
10th Grade Self -Contained Special Educator from New York

Hi. I have been teaching for 10 years and am excited to be able to connect with so many other special educators. I am currently looking to refresh my teaching methodologies and am considering a second masters in educational technology. I am also interested in assistive technology, but am having some difficulty finding a masters program in that discipline.

Deven Black's picture
Deven Black
Middle school teacher-librarian in the Bronx, NY

Once again I have the pleasure of welcoming a slew of new members to the group. Its exciting to see so many new names here every day. I hope you will all take an active role in the discussions here by sharing your knowledge and experience as well as your opinions and other thoughts.

Jane's picture

Hi! My name is Jane and I am in my 3rd year of teaching ED students. Previously I was a special ed. assistant in Life Skills, resource, and an intermediate ED teacher.

Jean Jones Voos's picture

Hi, I'm Jean, a sped. ed. teacher for kids in grades 3-5. I work in a poor school district in central oregon. Currently, I have a caseload of 12 students. My program is such that some kids are with me all day, others for academics and/or social skills only. I provide each child with an extremely individualized program. I am blessed with 5 awesome assistants! I have been in this postion for 10 years and, even though it is extremely stressful, I love it! I spent 3 years working in a self-contained behavior class prior to my current job. I am in this field because of my oldest child - she should have been identified with a disability when she was a youngster and was not. She is now a grown, wonderful young lady, but it was quite a struggle to get her there. I believe if someone would have taken my concerns and really looked at her, her learning disability would have been discovered when she was little, instead of in the middle of her senior year...and then only after threats of going to the Dept. of Ed. So, here I am, out to help as many children and parents as I possibly can!

LPS's picture
Cross Categorical/self-contained - Teacher

jeanne, Northern AZ Univ has a MA in Assistive Tech. Susan Marks is the Professor I know works with the program.

Todd Lotz's picture

I'm Todd, a special education teacher of students with cognitive disabilities and autism in a Junior high setting grades 7-9. I love what I do, but also enjoy "living the dream" with my family. We love spending time together at our cottage during the summers with the lake-swimming, pontooning, and chilling out in the screen porch at night eating good meals,and sharing fun stories. Always learning something new from my students. Will write again soon. Todd

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