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5 year old with Dyslexia...suggestions please?

5 year old with Dyslexia...suggestions please?

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I currently have my Bachelor's in Childhood and Special Education 1-6 and am working on my Master's in Reading and Literacy. Thus far in my studies I have some resources but I am a novice teacher and have not had experience in working with students with dyslexia. I am going to start tutoring a 5 year old who is dyslexic. He has a tremendous vocabulary, speaks very well, is extremely creative, loves building and anything hands on. Socially he is outgoing. His mother has asked me to tutor him in order to help him learn his alphabet. They have tried for three years to teach him how to write his name and recognize letters of the alphabet but nothing has really retained. Is there an assessment I can use (and easily have access to) to gage his current abilities and use as somewhat of a diagnostic tool? Also, books, resources, tips, etc. I would love to hear input from those who are more experienced. I am looking forward to hearing from you! :)

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