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Student With Dysgraphia - Support Mechanisms

Hubert V. Yee social media and marketing manager of startup
Working at a nonprofit I advocated for the needs of low-income families and their children in schools. One of the last cases I dealt with had to do with a high school student with dysgraphia. He was provided an IEP at school to address his challenge. As his grades improve the school slowly "relaxed" his support. Our team intervened and his support mechanisms were shored up. At the same time the school district recalled his case files and wanted a revaluation. At the end of the fiasco the student and his family were assured of his support system. 1) What are some best practices for teachers to work with students who have dysgraphia? 2) Students with learning challenges, do they tend to receive re-evaluations? 3) What are some tips for newbie sped teachers to help them in their work with learning challenged students?

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