How are some K-4 Special Education teachers running their Programs? | Edutopia
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How are some K-4 Special Education teachers running their Programs?

How are some K-4 Special Education teachers running their Programs?

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What a question. What's the best? As a special education teacher with a recent career change I am searching for ideas. I was a special education inclusion teacher for years. I had been meeting the needs of kids for 17 years at the middle school level in my district. I spent one year in the regular education class and because of some late summer resignations at my school I had to be moved back to special education, BUT at the K-4 level. I always love work and the kids and am keeping this attitude in this big change. Trying to target the specific need of the students and pick the correct program is difficult. As an inclusion teacher in the past I had small groups of 12, now I have small groups of 2-4 and only spend a couple of periods of the day in the classroom. For the first time in my career, I have time to really work with kids in small groups. It is just 30 minutes 5 times a week, but that is awesome. The kids are young and I feel like I can have an impact. I am using Phonographix/ Abcdarian with one group, Visualizing and Verbalizing with another, I am using Read Naturally with my fourth grade boys for awhile with the intention of targeting a more specific need for this group as I get to know them. I am using Soars and Phonographix with another group. I am thinking of relearning Lips and/or Seeing Stars for my little children who do not know their sounds. I was trained in LIP{S years ago, but haven't had opportunity to use it as I do now. My school does Guiding reading and I did the Benchmarks on my kids. I was wondering if I should use the LLI program with some of my kids as the reading teachers do, or just stick to Soars. I also cherish basic ideas from how to manage day to day. The Push in and pull out both have benefits and I am taking serious my time I pull a child out of the room... I know the miss so much and I greatly want what I give them to matter. I certainly could use a group to help me do just that....BY the way.... I still want to spend time with family, read for pleasure, hike, run and relax.

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