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Grouping Students....

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Hi everyone-

This may seem like a fairly simple question, but... how do you group your students when you have Standard based IEP's? I currently teach K-5 inclusion and pull out and I am the only special educator and no assistants. I have 20 students and I can't figure out the best way to group them. Currently, I am only getting a 15 minute lunch period (it's been this way since the beginning of the school year and now we are at the end) because their IEP minutes are exceeding by far the number of minutes in a day, but if I group them in larger groups, I might be able to get a full 1/2 lunch and even some quality planning time. I just need some guidance... The levels of reading are far apart for some in the same grade level and for math as well. Would greatly appreciate anybody's input.... Got to find a differnt solution for next year...

Thanks in advance...

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I group by similar needs or sometimes by skills. This way I may have primary students and intermediate students grouped. I would look through the IEPs and see where you can create like need groups.

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