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Certification issues for Special Education Teachers

Ellen Sullivan

Is anyone having trouble finding ESE teachers (in Florida) who are certified in ESE, and whatever subject they teach in a self-contained or Resource classroom at the High School level (i.e. English, Math, Science, Soc. Studies)? We have teacher who have been teaching Spec. Ed. classes for years and are now not Highly Qualified because they don't have the certification for those subject areas. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get around that?

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You mean the administrators

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You mean the administrators are ignoring it? This teacher is out of compliance. I'm surprised he/she still has a job. However, there will be a shortage as long as ex-ed teachers have to be certified in every subject they teach, especially, in a small school where the teacher is teaching many levels of several subjects. Is the teacher knowledgable in the subjects she's teaching even if she's not certified?

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