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Tactile Graphics

Deedra Teacher of Students with Blind/Vis Imp. Metro-Nashville Public Schools

Anybody in the group a TSVI (Teacher of Students with Blindness and/or Visual Impairment)? Anybody teaching tactile graphics to elementary students??? Looking for knowledge and inspiration. Thanks!

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A teacher of English at a public language center (CEIUAS-Culiacan)

Deedra, I have a blind

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I have a blind student and I feel I cannot help her learn, let me tell you why.
I, sometimes, design or modify the activities for her. The real problem is the time and the format, digital, I need lots of time to design or modify lessons for her. She, sometimes, tells me she cannot "see" (She uses the word see, no problem with that). Most of the activities have exercises with Flash (fill in the blanks, matching, drag and drop, click on the picture, etc.)
Another problem is when the lesson has lots of pictures, I do not know how to add sound to describe the images in order to help her "see" what the pictures are about.
I recently found a site in Spanish (http://www.cerebriti.com/) but even though I choose the "autoplay" option, it doesn't work. She is unable to find the button to make the picture "talk".
I would like to know how to better help blind students. Have pictures "talk" for them.
Warm regards!

Director of Social Media Strategy and Marketing @Edutopia, edcamp organizer

Asked Twitter

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Your story moved me and since I don't personally have any special ed experience, I asked some people I know on Twitter that do.

@irasocol is a great resource to reach out to on Twitter -- here's the gist of what he said over 140 characters:

"Don't need fancy stuff, but the school needs to follow the law first and, using NIMAS, get her digital texts...then, stop adapting flash and image-based lessons to a blind kid, and offer auditory information and physical interactions. Is she learning Braille? Does she have a Braille display? If not, what auditory learning skills is she being helped with. This sounds like a kid and teacher abandoned by their school."

Again, feel free to reach out to him on twitter if you have more questions and if you're not on twitter and want to leave some questions here, I can relay them to him.

Last thing -- I came across this older article on edutopia.org that may help: "Out of Sight: Technology Helps Visually Impaired Students Thrive - Special tools make learning accessible at one Brooklyn high school:" http://www.edutopia.org/edward-r-murrow-technology-visually-impaired.

Hope this helps a little,

A teacher of English at a public language center (CEIUAS-Culiacan)

Dear Elana, I really

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Dear Elana,
I really appreciate your help.
Thank you so much.
I'll download the article, read it, and analyze it to see what I can do to help Azucena, my blind student.
Best regards!

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