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I need a solution for my student with special needs

Kelley Wilson

Hi. I'm looking for solutions for my very bright and enthusiastic 17 year old student with CP. He uses a power wheelchair with a joystick. The joystick can also control his Mac laptop and he uses a head click also. He is taking Video Production at school and wants to manage a video camera with his Mac and joystick. Two issues: finding an inexpensive video camera with onscreen commands (on the laptop screen), and a way to pan and tilt the camera with a joystick of some sort. I've found inexpensive PC versions of the pan/tilt, not Mac.

If we tried a completely separate joystick for the pan/tilt, I've only found hugely expensive ones. The cheaper pan/tilt mechanisms are $125, but use a remote control type of pad. Very small. I don't know that my student could handle the little buttons, or any buttons for that matter. Any ideas out there?

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