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Special Ed Students and Technology Integration

Special Ed Students and Technology Integration

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I was surprised to learn how supportive my administration was to integrate technology in special ed. language Arts classes. I work with students with autism and learning disabilities. Certainly, this would be a great adventure for all of us. With all of the excitement of using smart devices in schools, my students were hesitant in touching our recently purchased iPad Minis. Many of my students didn't have any experience withsmart devices. I came to realize that those with sensory issues didn't want to touch the glass. Other students were skeptical that the devices would actually help them. I brought my iPad to class and demonstated the initial hand gestures. Opening a file and closing a file seemed a good place to start. In 20 minutes, students were touching the glass and opening files and closing files. At times we assume students love all technological devices, expecially in education. It simply isn't the case. However, skills need to be developed and the adventure of learning is just as important and the journey itself. in my class, the level of skeptisism is decreasing and the level of acceptance is increasing. We are off to a great start.

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