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Transistion from High School

Transistion from High School

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I teach high school and have a class of students with mild/moderate disabilities. Mainly Downs and higher functioning Autistic children. I am the "last stop" so to speak before my students leave the school setting. My children can stay until they are twenty -one, also the age that outside agencies will "pick them up". At age twenty-one most of my students attend sheltered workshops or stay at home with a parent, sibling, or other family member. With NCLB, my district has really been pushing transition planning for our students with special needs. As with any "new" idea there are some bugs to work out. At this time I am required to give my children two career assessments and interest inventories twice a year; at the beginning and prior to the annual IEP review. My school also has a job coach who will sometimes work with my kids and getting them out into the community. Her main priority, however, is to work with the Occupational Diploma kids. What suggestions or ideas does anyone have about better preparing my kids for the real-world as far as employment, independent living, etc.? I have a basic curriculum set up for my kids, however I am the only teacher with this level students in my school and meeting with other teachers like myself in the district has been very difficult at this point. I want to make sure that my students are as prepared as possible for life after high school.

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