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Balancing Communication....

Balancing Communication....

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I was wondering, and it could be just me, if anyone has mastered the art of communication being a special education teacher. I have yet to find the perfect balance of communication, or even communication tools that satisfy a parental community. For example, if I send home some weekly work of students progression, I receive some comments such as, "We'd like to see more coming home". If I call them on the phone, I might get a parent that says, "While it's nice to talk to you on the phone, I am an email person." I know I can't please everyone, but can anyone offer a smoothe communication system that works with: phone calls, emails, work being sent home, progress notes or logs etc.? I really am looking for a great communication system to start off the new year coming up because I am someone who started right in the middle of a school year last year and it was chaotic!

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