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Advice needed on new position

Clarissa W. Special Educ Resource/ SC teacher in Washington, DC

I'm at a new school where I was hired as a Resource Teacher for grades 2-8 in the areas of Math, Reading, and Writing. I have a caseload of 15 students in grades 5-8. After 2 weeks of working we gained a student who needed a partial self-contained classroom. Although he is below grade level in reading and writing, exhibits minimum behaviors, and can actually do the grade level work with accommodations as requested in his IEP. So I juggled teaching him exactly what they were teaching in his core classes and teaching IEP goals for students with pull out services ranging from 9-12 students a day. Recently a student was placed by the IEP team in a partial self contained class as well so I have 2 partial self contained students and my resource hours have gone up with 2 new students. I have no para or second teacher to help juggle it all. I have to teach the same exact lessons they teach in the gen ed class. I get a basic lesson plan for the week on Monday but materials aren't given until the day of. I'm not an expert in Science or Social Studies so I feel like my 2 self contained students really miss things.

In order to fit everything in, I usually end up working 11-12 hour days. Our school day is from 8-4 with teachers having to stay until 4:30. I get a an hr planning/lunch which I use to make up hours due to consent testing.

I'm doing my best but I'm tired and I feel like as the school year goes on the hours of services needed grow and the more successful students are in the resource room the more hours they are giving students which may not be needed but some IEP teams are working off of fear of the future rather than the data they have currently.

Any advice or strategies you use to help run your resource/self contained classes?

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