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Behavioral problems


Hi my name is Natalie, and i am from the University of the West Indies. One of the courses i am doing is Understanding behaviors and i am to ask an expert who can provide assistance for teachers to help children who display three different types of behavioral problems.
The three behavioral problems are:
1. Temper Tantrums
2. Oppositional Difiant Disorder and
3. Not sharing
Can anyone who specializes in early childhood education, child development, specific behavior disorders etc. help with information and advice on how to solve the three behaviors mentioned?
I can also be reached by my email address: natclement01@gmail.com

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Hi Natalie since I am doing

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Hi Natalie since I am doing the same thing, I am interested in the comments that you will receive.

Behavioural Problems in the early childhood classroom

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Hi, I am Valerie a student of the University at the West Indies enrolled in a Bachelor of Education programme in Early Childhood Development and Family Studies. I would like your advice on how to read the warning signs of a child who is about to throw a temper tantrum.

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